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Conway's Law

| December 06th, 2013 by Sean Hopen

I was listening Douglas Crockford talking to Scott Hanselman in a podcast on my daily commute, about how we don't know our history as developers.   So we're bound to repeat it, or be bound to decisions that were made for reasons that no longer apply.Anyway, I thought I'd dust off some gems from what I know of that history.I don't know why it's surprising that programmers in the 60s have something to…

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The Key to Using Git

| August 06th, 2013 by Oliver Merk

If you use services like GitHub or GitLab, you have the option of authenticating using SSH keys. These prevent you from entering a username and/or password every time you interact with the Git server.How does it work?Simply speaking, you create two keys, one public and one private. You keep the private key on your local system and paste the contents of the public key into the UI provided my GitLab…

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The Gist of Code Sharing

| April 17th, 2013 by Oliver Merk

Agile development teams often need to share code while in the heat of battle.At the high end of the scale, there are publicly-accessible repositories, such as GitHub. Creating a GitHub project is obviously overkill for those wishing to simply pass a few key lines of code to their buddy in the next seat.For stand-alone, runnable demo code, sites like Plunker and JSFiddle  are great. You will see references…

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JavaScript Object Creation Times

| November 06th, 2012 by Oliver Merk

By Oliver Merk - principal consultantThere are three common ways to create JavaScript objects.The one most of us learned first was the constructor call:var myObj = new Object();Then we got clever and impressed our friends by using object literal syntax:var myObj = {};Now, with the latest version of ECMAScript, we can use:var myObj = Object.create(proto);...where proto is the object to be used as the…

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5 Cool Things About CoffeeScript - New Toronto Group

5 Cool Things About CoffeeScript

| October 22th, 2012 by Derek Santos

By Derek Santos - consultantI've been experimenting with CoffeeScript lately and wanted to pass along some things I really like about it.1. It writes very good JavaScriptCoffeeScript compiles to JavaScript that follows best practices and sticks to JavaScript's good parts. For example:== always turns into ===Code automatically gets wrapped with a self calling function to protect its scopevar declarations…

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Conway's Law - New Toronto Group

A Coffee Break with CoffeeScript

| July 31th, 2012 by Sean Hopen

Yesterday we were having a little water-cooler conversation admiring CoffeeScript.I had a look at this a while ago, when I was first investigating JavaScript. I remember liking it then, and looking at the syntax again, I think it's pretty cool.Today, I Googled around to check out some criticism from people that had actually used it, and I found some interesting links, including the "A Case Against…

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Appcelerator webinar - 4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Development Strategy - June 13, 2012 - New Toronto Group

Appcelerator webinar - 4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Development Strategy - June 13, 2012

| June 04th, 2012 by Ed Van Beilen

During this webinar we will also answer some of the most common mobile development questions, such as: How can you reuse your development code when deploying from one device to the next? How do you build mobile apps for multiple devices using your web team? How can you use your existing web software, apps, and information in your mobile apps? Appcelerator makes Titanium, the leading mobile…

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BlackBerry Hackathons - Come out and Play(Book)!

| May 16th, 2012 by Oliver Merk

I'm currently in Bogotá, Colombia taking part in my third Hackathon on behalf of RIM. These hackathons are two-day events where local developers get the opportunity to interact directly with experts in PlayBook development. They also get a free PlayBook just for showing up!We typically have a team of three experts covering AIR, HTML5/WebWorks and Native development. Most of the events have been focused…

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What's Your Backup Plan?

| February 29th, 2012 by Oliver Merk

As developers, people assume that we've got some bullet-proof backup system for all of our code, documents and media. In most cases, nothing could be farther from the truth.Ask yourself these questions: If your computer blew up right now, how long would it take to restore, recreate or re-download all the files that it currently contains? How long would it take until you're productive again?If your…

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Objective-C Debugging Overview - New Toronto Group

Objective-C Debugging Overview

| November 18th, 2011 by Default Admin User

By Brandon Slack - ConsultantThis is a simple guide that goes over some of the basics one should know when debugging Objective-C. Over the six years that I have spent working with Objective-C I have noticed some patterns and learned some tricks that have helped me to debug some really hard issues. I will be publishing various entries going forward on debugging tips and tricks. Starting first with the…

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