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List of Tablet Screen Resolutions and Sizes

| June 20th, 2011 by Andrei Vanahel

By Andrei Vanahel - Consultant As developers for tablets we should always consider different screen sizes and screen resolutions.  With the variety of tablets currently available on the market, it's easy to get your UI broken especially if you are developing for Android or developing an AIR (or HTML5) based application which is intended to run on different devices. I've decided to put together a list…

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Adobe AIR on Televisions - New Toronto Group

Adobe AIR on Televisions

| June 02th, 2011 by Alain Thibodeau

By Alain Thibodeau - ConsultantWhile everyone is trying to figure out who has the best tablet, there is an exciting phenomenon happening in the world of home entertainment. Industry leaders are bringing the Internet to the television and Blue-ray players.In the past several years there have been several options like the D-Link Boxee Box, but take a look at the televisions and blue-ray players on sale…

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iPad Video - New Toronto Group

iPad Video

| May 27th, 2010 by Doug Riches

The iPad is coming to Canada tomorrow. So what are you going to watch on it? The chances are good that whatever it is, the video portion will be delivered by a company called Brightcove. Brightcove has already helped some of the largest content providers in the US, such as The New York Times, to provide streaming video to consumers of its media offerings. In Canada, Rogers Communications is among a…

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