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AngularJS Custom orderBy Function - New Toronto Group

AngularJS Custom orderBy Function

| November 13th, 2013 by Chad Upton

AngularJS makes it very easy to sort and filter basic data, but the AngularJS documentation is a bit light when it comes to creating a custom orderBy function for sorting.Lets say you're building the next great fantasy football league and you want to display a list of players and sort those players by their win percentage. The database contains the wins and losses, but you want to sort by the percentage.…

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Another Reason to Hate Daylight Savings Time - New Toronto Group

Another Reason to Hate Daylight Savings Time

| November 01th, 2013 by Oliver Merk

I have a NodeJS app that powers the volunteer calendar for the Southlake Regional Health Centre Hospital. Yesterday I got a bug report from my friend Nancy, who runs the volunteer department, that the calendar was showing two November 3rd dates in a row. Ya, right. Is it April Fools? But then I logged in and sure enough... "what the heck?!"Then I remembered that clocks are getting set back an hour…

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